Seriously?  So, a couple weeks ago I vented a little about the FedEx driver that left my large package/box wide OPEN (as in BOTH FLAPS UP AND OPEN) in the STREET next to my mailbox, at 8:45 pm.   It was not my regular (awesome) driver who was contracted by FedEx last April when all the regular FedEx employees were so horrible and screwed everything up so badly that they were all taken off routes and contracted outside drivers were hired.  He was and is so awesome, he's still driving for them.  But he gets two days off a week obviously, and the driver filling in for him two weeks ago was the screw-up.

 Today we had a delivery scheduled and I kept my eye out for them all day.

More so, after the idiot driver 2 weeks ago, I made sure two (2) of our security cameras show our mailbox and driveway so I could catch them trying it again.

After no deliveries all day, my 'status' changed to "PENDING" which was... interesting.  So I figured it got late and they were rescheduling for tomorrow.  Which is fine.

It's pitch black outside but I'm in the office at the front of the house where my view is literally our driveway, front yard and mailbox.

No one came to our home yet at 7:26 I got a text saying my packages had been delivered.

Oh no they had not!  And I knew no one had even stopped at the mailbox in the street either.

But to be sure, I went outside and checked both doors of the house as well as all over the driveway and walked down to the street to check there.  Nothing.

I went through the hassle of getting a hold of FedEx - hoping we could get a hold of the driver to ask him WHERE he delivered the boxes as it was NOT my house at 7:26 as he scanned them.

They had me post an incident report to track the packages... and as we hung up, a light caught my eye outside.  A vehicle was parked in the street in front of my house and then as I looked, it drove off.

I checked the security cameras and sure enough, as I was on the phone with FedEx, someone delivered them and left them in the street by the mailbox (again) in the dark, ready to be stolen by any passers-by.

But most of all?  HE/SHE WAS A LIAR PANTS. 

The scanned the packages as delivered at 7:26.  I have them on my security camera as delivering them about 20 minutes later - as I was on the phone.

But... I have them at least.  Thank goodness I sign up for TEXT ALERTS or I never would have known they were 1)  Missing and 2) Later delivered and left in the street where I had to go searching for them before they were stolen during the night.