So, how do I like my new Cuisinart SS-10P1 Coffemaker? I LOVE IT!


I posted a few days ago that I had replaced yet another broken Keurig - this time I went with the Cuisinart that I've looked and considered in the past but it was always easier to pick up a Keurig as they saturate the market.  

Our last kitchen coffee maker purchase was supposed to be 'anything but a Keurig' but I caved.  However, this time, I did NOT cave.  Mostly because now that shelves are being restocked and stores are back open (COVID-19 quarantines) I found my local store had plenty of them in stock - as well as being easy to find on the internet. So it was quick and easy to buy the Cuisinart now.

(Although things change rapidly for listings on Amazon, as of this morning's post they not only have them available, but they are offering $13.96 off with an automatic coupon.  I don't know how long it will be listed, but even at the regular $139 price, it's worth it and comparable to Keurig.)


My initial PRO AND CON list remains the same now that I've been using it.

I love the clock setting and I love having the programmable feature of 'off' and 'on' times.  I have mine programmed to turn on at 5:am and off at 9:pm.  

I really really love the programmable setting for my favorite brew size and temperature.  I like it HOT and I normally brew at 6 oz.  I do not have to choose this each time - it's automatically set to brew X-hot and 6 oz.  However, if I want to change the size or temp I just hit the button and it's done.  Keurig is auto set at 8 oz. and I have to change it for every cup.  I love this feature as I'm the one who primarily uses this machine 99.999% of the time.

The flavor is good and I wonder if in part, that's because it brews just a little bit slower than shooting the water down through the k-cup quickly.  Not much longer, but it take maybe 30 seconds longer to brew than a Keurig?  I've not timed it and don't care to.  

The only CON I've found so far isn't really a CON - it's just a fact.  It is louder than my other coffee brewers but it's not really an issue.  

I'm happy with it and I love the look as well.  A little more classy than the cheesy all-plastic cheap look that Keurig now sports on most all their models.   I've been a Keurig owner since 2005 and their quality and look has gotten progressively cheaper through the years.  Now, every bit of it is cheap plastic - and you can tell both in look and feel.

I'm very pleased with our Cuisinart so far, and I have another family member who saw mine this week and remarked how much she loved it better than her Keurig and plans to purchase one as well.  IF you are in the market for a single-serve k-cup brewer, I have no qualms about recommending this one except maybe if you are brewing in a super quiet household in the early morning, with a baby sleeping nearby and the sound of a machine brewing would wake them.  *wink*  


Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker - Silver