Someone is celebrating her birthday today (and somebody - anybody? - should really tell her mother since her Mom thought it was two days ago... ha ha).  

Yes that is something MY mother would do, but no, it's not mine and it's not my birthday.  But happy birthday to you - you know who you are - and lots of smiles and hugs to you from across the miles!


Today I didn't do anything that I planned to do... but I did get some ground cover weed killer down in needed parts of the yard/parking area. I did power wash the back windows of the house.  I did make some prepped food items for future meals and I did just grill a bunch of various chicken for dinner later today.  

When it comes to the news and anything to do with politics, I'm mostly 98% ignoring it all right now as I mentally and emotionally just need to shut out all that negativity for a bit.  But I saw something today I thought I'd share as it says a lot about the personality of Amy Barrett. 

I thought I'd have more time to chat but now Mr. Coffee has finished what he was doing and it's time to chat with him... sorry.  Husbands trump cyber-space.  ;)