Planned Parenthood’s Youth Partner Pushes Birth Control Experiments on 11-Year-Old Girls


An organization called Advocates for Youth (AFY), which appears to act as the youth arm of Planned Parenthood, recently sent a mass email with this in the subject line: “Know anyone ages 11-15 to join this study?”

The email, sent by AFY's Free the Pill Youth Campaign Manager Becca Thimmesch, links three times to the study. The study page suggests that young girls can obtain birth control pills without a prescription and potentially without their parent’s consent. Both the email and site say girls who participate in the study can earn $75.

This is wrong on so many levels. While the study does not actually pay 11-year-olds directly to have sex, it holds out a $75 carrot to very young girls that could entice them to make a decision to become sexually active. 

In every U.S. state, children ages 11-15 cannot legally consent to sex, and in many parts of the U.S., 11-year-old children cannot legally obtain contraceptives without parental permission.

Despite this, the study asks, “who will find out?” and then answers, “it’s your decision if you want to tell anyone. This study is fully confidential.” In other words, a study doctor will prescribe contraceptives to an eleven-year-old girl without parental knowledge or consent.


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