The Kleenex Anti-Viral Facial Tissues. Nice in theory but they are... hmmm... slimy? Slippery? Weird?

This morning I attempted to brew my first cup of coffee, thought it had finished, so I took my mug and went to the desk to open my email.  I heard the coffee maker start to 'pee coffee' again.  Sure enough, I turned to find a huge brown puddle forming all over the side desk where the coffee station is.  

I thought I could live with this as it wasn't happening all that often, but it is now.  I can't brew a cup of coffee without anxiety and babysitting it with plenty of paper towels and a travel mug nearby 'just in case' it decides to spew out every ounce of water in the system and the reservoir.  I really really wish iCoffee wouldn't have closed up shop and disappeared overnight.  A bit suspicious, but I really loved their coffee makers and had I known they were going to do a disappearing act, I would have bought 3 of their machines to keep in storage so I'd never have to buy another Keurig again!


Another product I'm less than thrilled with? The Kleenex Anti-Viral Facial Tissues. Nice in theory but they are... slimy? Slippery? Weird? 

I needed Kleenex tissues a couple weeks ago and my local store only had the anti-viral version stocked.  During this time of Covid-19 hullabaloo you take what you can get, right?  So I did.  And I loved the idea, but they aren't as nice as the non-anti-viral.  They are in two layers; the normal feeling and looking layer along with a second layer that has little light blue dots all over it.  The layer with the anti-viral properties (blue dots) is slippery, so the normal tissue layer doesn't grasp it, but slides.  This means when you try to wipe your nose after blowing, or use a bit of it to clean the nostril, it slips and slides but doesn't actually 'grasp' (?) the offending little buggers you are trying to get out of your nose.  

When I have to sneeze into them, they are great, but I can't usually run and grab a tissue and get it up to my nose in time to sneeze, and typically just sneeze into the crook of my arm at the elbow.  I actually myself more likely to grab and rip off a piece of toilet tissue to use to blow and clean my nose - subconsciously avoiding the slip-n-slide of the anti-viral tissues.  I'm making a point of using them... but I also realized last night that I was pulling the two layers apart and using the regular tissue to avoid the slippery non-grabbing, non-wiping blue dotted anti-viral part.

Interesting.   Not extremely interesting, but meh.  It's just the coffee talking again I suppose.