Yes we absolutely vaccinate... but I cringe and pray each time.

One of our little family members has his second round of vaccinations this morning.  In about 10 minutes actually. And I hate hate hate hate this.  I feel like you always play Russian Roulette with vaccinations now.  Especially in little baby boy children - because of the higher rate of autism, but especially in boys.   

I know people are really ugly and militant when it comes to this topic and it's not one I am going to delve into deeply here but I'm a research geek and when you truly start to research and not just accept the spoon-fed script, there are just some really really red flags all over the place!  But there are billions upon billions upon billions of money, big names, cushy CEO jobs, criss-crossing of ethics with people tied to the pharmaceutical companies that are either on or paying for the so-called studies (and serve on the CDC board) and then even more money invested in keeping the public believing 'there is no correlation between autism rates and vaccinations'.  Even though there is.  Sigh.  And the sheer number of vaccines given at one time at the ages we are giving them is terrifying.  

No I'm NOT anti-vaccination.  But in researching, I've become a huge supporter of a slower, and more spaced out vaccination schedule.  

The ingredients in most of the vaccinations have changed now, although one still has mercury in it but the sheer NUMBER of vaccinations given at one time in little bodies that weigh as much as a sack of flour is mind-boggling and they keep adding more!  Officially on paper, they can give your newborn baby most of those shots (for 5-7 diseases at ONE TIME) within 4 weeks of each other.  That's a LOT for your little 12 pound baby body to handle.

I don't know 'too' many doctors but I personally know of TWO pediatricians who have QUIT pediatric practice because they felt SO STRONGLY they were lying to parents and giving harmful vaccinations and a harmful vaccination schedule. TWO. 

One doesn't talk about it much and is more quiet, but will shake his head and purse his lips together in frustration;  but the other is quite vocal about it.  She is very, very upset at the vaccinations and the vaccination schedule as it is now (verses how much more careful we were about the vaccinations and the schedule even 15-20 years ago.)

So yes...  as more babies are born into our family and our pill-popping, prescription taking society becomes numb to the sheer number of chemicals, poisons and such we put into our body - the number of vaccinations given at once and the too-young ages are they doing it scare the living daylights out of me.  Terrifying me each time a loved little baby/toddler in our extended family goes for yet another round.

As the number of vaccinations at such young ages rises, so do the rates for Autism.  But only the honest and bold voices will say it.  The rest are too invested as careers and big money speaks louder than the cries of the babies and their families.

Yes we absolutely vaccinate... but I cringe and pray each time.

One in 35 children in New Jersey was diagnosed with autism by their 4th birthday, according to the study published by the federal Centers for Disease Control on Thursday. 

Those children were more likely to have attracted the attention of pediatricians and early-childhood educators because of moderate to severe symptoms of autism. Still more children are diagnosed with autism when they enter public schools. 

The relentless climb in autism rates — from 1% of children born in 1992 to 3% of children born in 2010 — has shown no signs of reaching a plateau, said Walter Zahorodny, an associate professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School who directed the New Jersey portion of the study. 

"The explosive rate of autism is impossible to ignore," he said.

"There's no letup," he said. "I really don't understand why the rate is going up in this way." 

Researchers can’t explain why autism rates have increased in New Jersey and elsewhere. 

Contributing factors include genetic mutations and birth-related risks, such as being born prematurely, as one of a multiple birth, to a mother who was ill during pregnancy or to parents who are older than 30. But the greatest influences appear to be unknown environmental factors, Zahorodny said. 

Among 4-year-olds, the rate climbed 43 percent in just four years, from 2010 to 2014, he said. 

One in 23 4-year-old boys in New Jersey is now diagnosed with autism.


Read More:  https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/health/2019/04/11/new-jersey-preschoolers-have-highest-autism-rates-ever-us/3438402002/