Yesterday morning I had a sudden thought that I didn't remember the last time I had uploaded our family photos to make a photo album. 

Gone are the days where I order 300 photos printed and put them in an album; but I do try to make quarterly printed photo albums online. This works out to 4 a year; January - March, April - June, etc.  I've always been on schedule (as per my personality) but yesterday morning I realized, I couldn't recall if I had done any this year.

I logged into one of the 3 companies I typically would order from.  The only thing I saw was an album I had started but only finished 2 pages of and it was... January - March of 2019.  Surely that can't be right!?

But then reality hit me smack in the face.  

Starting in January last year I was the wedding planner, print designer, florist, baker and cake-decorator for a big wedding in addition to being the mother-of-the-bride and all that entailed.  In addition, I was out of town (out of state actually) about 60% of the time helping with childcare, hospitalizations of sick children, house remodels and more.  

After the wedding I was back to helping out of state again to rush through the rest of the whole-house remodel as they found out they were being transferred across the country. 

Blah blah blah.  Then I brought two Littles home with me to stay while their Daddy was the new job, Mama was working full time, staying on schedule with the preschooler and his school as well as finishing their whole-house remodel and putting their house on the market to sell!

Ok.  In November the babies got to go back to Mama - and they all got to go live in their new house and new state with Daddy.  The house sold.  I came home and... got sick.

We didn't know what it was at the time but I was sick all through December.  Mr. Coffee was about 10 days 'behind' me but got it too.  There was Thanksgiving and Christmas and then... it was January!

We got 'better' finally in January - by the first week or so.   And then came moving family members into their new house, planning and hosting baby showers and well - Covid... quarantines, shopping for two families as the 'expecting' family completely quarantined 100% and didn't leave the house except for doctor's appointments.

Well, no wonder I didn't find time to make photo albums.

And the rest of the story will have to wait as a family member, her dog and her baby just pulled in my drive............

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