Coffee Talking.... re-reading the Left Behind Series

I was racing with the clock... but whew!  I made it and time for a fresh cup of coffee! How about some random chit-chat?

While the baby napped I was almost desperate to get a double batch of salsa made - simmering at least.  And then will worry about finding the time with baby on my hip to can it all and water bath.  But the biggest hurdle I was dreading is over and thankyoubabyjesus he was on his 'normal' sleep schedule of 9-12 to give me time to get it done.  25 lbs. of tomatoes were plunged into boiling water, skinned, chopped; onions were chopped, peppers of all sorts were chopped, spices were added and ahhh... coffee is my reward as the baby is stirring but giving me a little breathing room before actually waking. 

I've started to re-read the entire Left Behind series.  I'm almost to book number 4.  It's been about 8 years (?) since I've read it in its entirety.  I started a few times over the past few years but never got past book number 2 before life got busy and it would lay forgotten in my bedside nightstand.  But this time it feels right and feels good to be reading it again.  The times we live in remind me so much of the start of the book of Revelations.  These books - although fictional - are just a good way to remind ourselves to get back on track - focus on what's important - and to mentally and physically reboot ourselves. Also to make sense of some of the Revelations - or a possible sense of them.  It makes you ponder.  Makes you think.  But also brings some clarity.

(I own the paperback series so to read it, I have to have light... either my bedside light or a reading light.  While the books I have on my kindle app on my Samsung Tablet can of course be read easily and in the dark as the tablet is backlit.  I do all my reading during the only time I have free - at night before sleep or during the night when I wake and can't sleep between 2:00 - 5:00.  Thus; grabbing the tablet kindle app so not to turn on a larger light and disrupt my husbands sleep.  This is why the paper-books are often read at a much, much slower pace than the books I devour on my Kindle app!  Does that make sense?)  

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