Coffee Talking: The severity of the Covid-19 virus that you do or don't get might be in your dna....

Good Morning!    
A late this morning as I have the baby here and a Mr. Coffee off today as well.  But that's good because I have an errand to run this morning - and I need my car (he's been driving it to work this week) and he can watch over the little one while I'm gone.   I'll go once the baby goes down for his morning nap to make it easier on him... ha ha.
This morning in my continuation of trying to avoid 95% of any political or hate-filled news, I saw yet another so call 'study' on the Covid-19 virus.  Now, keep in mind that every new 'study' that makes the news about this is usually a flash-in-the-pan story that disappears within a week and you never hear about it again, but for what it's worth....  they've possibly found a link as to why SOME people get the more serious version of Covid and some get the 'light' version and some don't get it at all, while others have it but have no symptoms as it's so light.

It's all the genes....

Neanderthal genes linked with severe COVID-19

A group of genes passed down from extinct human cousins is linked with a higher risk for severe COVID-19, researchers say.

When they compared the genetic profiles of about 3,200 hospitalized COVID-19 patients and nearly 900,000 people from the general population, they found that a cluster of genes on chromosome 3 inherited from Neanderthals who lived more than 50,000 years ago is linked with 60% higher odds of needing hospitalization. People with COVID-19 who inherited this gene cluster are also more likely to need artificial breathing assistance, coauthor Hugo Zeberg of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology said in a news release.

The prevalence of these genes varies widely, according to a report published on Wednesday in Nature. In South Asia, roughly 30% of people have them, compared to roughly one in six Europeans. They are almost non-existent in Africa and East Asia.

While the study cannot explain why these particular genes confer a higher risk, the authors conclude, "with respect to the current pandemic, it is clear that gene flow from Neanderthals has tragic consequences." (go.nature.com/36lHwnC)



Time is up - time to change and feed a little one and get him down for his morning nap so I can hurry and get dressed to see people outside of my house... ha ha... even if it is only Walmart.  I'm not one of 'those' people who think it's ok to go to Walmart in pajama pants and flip flops.  *wink*






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