FedEx came up to the house this time (1 point) but sat here for 1 1/2 minutes, delivered nothing and left again. Do I take their point away?


What is up with these FedEx drivers???

Again - I have to preface that my normal contracted driver is amazing.  The other guys?  Not so much.  Regular readers of Coffee Talking know every delivery with FedEx is a crap-shoot.

Today...  my daughter is expecting a package.  She ordered one of those 'fresh' food boxes that comes with 3 meals.  It's a cold pack, but because it should be refrigerated as soon as possible, she had it shipped here - as she comes here after work every day anyway.  


The only package we are expecting is her 'fresh, cold food' box.  

  • About 30 minutes ago the FedEx truck drove up the drive.  
  • They sat in the driveway.
  • Two people were on the truck.  One got out and waited by the side door, the other never got out.
  • One minute later the second guy gets back in the truck and they turn and leave.
  • No packages.


So... not sure what the deal is.  I've texted my daughter but since she's at work I'll have to wait for her to check her phone.

If FedEx does what they usually do, they're going to say it was delivered.  When it wasn't.  Because... that's what this guy does.  Or he leaves the package out in the street.  But, I walked down to the street to double check, just in case.  Nothing.


Just hanging out in the driveway for 1 1/2 minutes... before driving away again.

No package left.

And the update is....   I tracked it and at 5:00 tonight got a 'delivery exception' online.  "No delivery attempt made.  Will redeliver tomorrow before 8:pm"

So, it was shipped yesterday (Sunday) morning.  It's arriving sometime before 8:pm tomorrow night (Tuesday) with only a few cold-packs in the box with the food.  One of the 'meals' was.... scallops!  LOL.  My daughter said there is no way she is eating scallops that took 3 days in a box to arrive.  I'm assuming they are going to be pretty uh... ripe by the time they arrive tomorrow evening.  ;)