Flashback Memory: when my 3 year old drew all over the side of our minvan... with a rock

Random photo ad that popped up on a page I was on
This photo was an ad that popped up on a page I was on and when I saw it, a grin immediately spread across my face.

Color the vehicle red and this could be my minvan when my kids were little.

Ah, that son of mine.

He was three years old and one day, decided the van, parked in our garage, would make a great canvas for his art.  He picked up a rock and proceeded to draw pictures and write all over the side of the van.

And did not see anything wrong with that idea.  He thought it would wash off!!!  

Instead, we ended up having to have the van repainted - which I had completely forgot about for years and years until I saw this ad. 

Oh how I can look back at some of the stories from when my kids were little and laugh now... but obviously I wasn't laughing back then. 


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