Good Morning!

It's been a busy few days so I haven't been posting 'coffee talk' like normal;  but this morning I'm here with fresh coffee - and no extra house guests!  The power at their home was restored last night so they returned home and we will go to their home at some point today to retrieve our generator.  

I just have to say I'm so very thankful my husband randomly bought a generator last year because he saw one on sale - knew I was into 'emergency prep' and sent me a photo of it with the clearance price asking if I was interested.  They are rarely needed, but when they are?  They ARE.  And I find it an added blessing that the first time it needed to be used, was for someone else - not ourselves.  

It's a Saturday morning and I'm on the threshold of having to decide whether to brave the throngs of people heading out to do their Saturday morning grocery and household shopping because... I have to head out to do our grocery and household shopping.  The freezer is stocked fine but it's the 'fresh' items lacking.  We need pretty much everything and anything fresh.  And paper towels.  We need paper towels.

Yes, I suppose I'll venture out.  

But first, as I typed this, I heard a dog yakking away in the kitchen.  Guess I'll be cleaning up some dog throw up.  Great way to start the morning!

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