How can you HEAR Joe Biden speak and STILL VOTE FOR HIM?

Not only is he a creepy old man who sniffs little girls hair and puts his hands on women where they aren't wanted (and his son makes millions off of secret meetings with the Russians...)  but he is mentally LOSING IT.   This man is NOT fit to run this country.

I don't care if you don't like Trump, but this man is NOT THE ANSWER.  
He was a low life, foul mouthed idiot back in his VP days and the old guy has just gotten worse since.   
He can't string a sentence together without help in his ear piece or reading a teleprompter.  When he does try to speak it's like Nancy Pelosi when she was suddenly having an Alzheimer moment during the tv interview where her brain short-circuited and she suddenly stutters and grins and says "Good Morning!" "Sunday Morning!"  and then freezes in confusion before her brain gets back on track and she finishes her sentence.    Only this guy NEVER gets back on track.  He's just shy of needing to be in a nursing home... not the White House.

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  1. So interesting that you say all that....I feel the exact same way about Trump. I am just glad I don't have to pick between the two. Neither are a real great choice in my mind.


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