I absolutely wish 100% that we would ONLY give our American phone numbers to legit Americans.

More often than not when one of my cellphones or my home phone rings, it's a marketer, a political survey or, a scammer.  Friends and family tend to text or snapchat, and calls come from people I know in my contacts for the most part, so I can see in a second whether to answer or not.

97% of the calls are scammers from overseas.

Typically I just ignore, then later, look it up to verify it was a scammer or marketing and then hit the "BLOCK THIS CALLER" button.

Today I was already in a pissy mood and my cell phone started to ring with an unknown number, but it happened to be a number and city/state from a tiny itty bitty little town I actually know of because at one time, we lived near it.  

It's a town that I was going to say wasn't even big enough for a stop light... but then I recalled.  They do have one. One stop light.  Most of the time it just blinks yellow because there isn't enough traffic for it to run the typical red, green, orange series.  The town has a population of 89.

Yes.  89 people in the entire town.  Remember that in a second.

It's a tiny (teeny, tiny, itty-bitty)  sleepy little farming community in the middle of nowhere.  

It was a scammer, who left one of their short fake voicemails in order to get me to talk or press a button.

So... because I was just sitting here being pissy with the entire universe, I went ahead and internet searched the number as I do with many of the unknown callers.

Interestingly enough, the number popped up with a couple names that were both so foreign that I'm not sure I could pronounce them.  And I'd bet you 100,000 cups of coffee they did NOT live in the small town they were calling from.  

The people in that town have names like John, Keith, Roy, Sarah, Mary and Debra.  The little ones may be named Kaitlyn, Zachary, Emma... but there is no Safiuddin Bonnabeau, Madhusudan Baitt, Makita Cafazzo, Shtia Augustini or Kyungsuk Barba in that entire little community.  Guaranteed.  

And how did I get those names?

Because if you do a search for the names that own the cell phone numbers in that area code and first 3 number prefix, you get a list.   

The list was at least thousand+ long (for all the 'available' numbers in that prefix) - I only glanced at the first 100 names - but REMEMBER the whole town listed has 89 people total - and all the other tiny little towns in that prefix are similar in size, and demographic makeup.  

If you are from a large city or some of the various places on either coast, you may be completely unfamiliar with the demographic makeup of the 'rest' of the country, but you get in some states (the ones you probably can't even find on a map without help because you've spent your whole life not even knowing they exist) you will find good, hard working, quiet people who live in tiny little towns and are quite happy with their undramatic lives.

So the point of this little ramble over coffee (peppermint bark coffee BTW) is that groups of scammers overseas are literally buying up and registering millions of phone numbers from towns and cities all over America in order to scam us.  

So much more to say about that topic but I'm just going to let it go at that..... it's just a tiny little bitty cherry on the top of HUGE sundae of... poop.

I absolutely wish 100% that we would ONLY give our American phone numbers to legit Americans.  We would only sell our American based corporations and companies to Americans.  We would only sell our real estate to Americans.

Once you start to dive into our food source corporations owned by the Chinese and our corporations and real estate owned by the Chinese, Japanese and Russia it's.... scary.    Absolutely fucking scary.  Our future is uncertain... that, I'm certain of!


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