.... I spilled my f*cking iced peppermint mocha

Today  has been very, very busy but I knew it would be so that part was expected.  

However, in the midst of a huge task, multi-tasking with two other things at the same... already in a pretty shitty mood because it was NOT going the way it was supposed to and I wasn't happy with it...

.... I spilled my f*cking iced peppermint mocha all over the dang refrigerator freezer, into the seal, under the drawers, down the side, into the coasters and hardware and finally... a huge puddle on the floor that extends under the freezer.  All because of the f*cking dog.

So I did what anyone would do.  Wiped up 95% of it, brewed a fresh cup of hot, strong, black coffee and said "screw it" and walked out of the kitchen to come sit down, sip coffee and... breathe.







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