I swear something electronic in my house is listening to our conversations so these random - but on topic - ads keep popping up on my computer! LOL.

We've talked about this numerous times over the years but I just find it so funny.

I talk about cornbread to a family member for the first time in like, 5 years, and the next morning what ad do I see on my computer?  "How to make perfect cornbread!"

I mention flutes in conversations around the house and the next day I'm seeing musical instrument ads on some pages.

This has happened so many times over the past 4-5 years that I can't even count.

My husband and I have both had it happen so often that for a couple weeks we were testing the theory of 'something' 'somewhere' listening to us and we would bring up the most random topics to chat about.  I remember one was cauliflower (saw ads for it the next day) and he brought up guitars and we both had guitar DIY kits ads with a day or two.  Celebrities, foods, places, cars, etc.  That exact item (as random as it may be) will pop up as an ad or ad for an article within a day.

Things like that.  

BUT...  here's the deal....

  • I wasn't looking up information on computer - so, it wasn't tracking cookies.
  • This is family members talking out loud about topics - in person.  Not texting, sending emails or anything to do with electronics.
  • We do not (nor will we ever) own an Alexa or other household listening device.
  • Our 'smart TV' is set to NOT connect to any other 'smart' electronic, nor the wi-fi, etc.
  • We don't have any other apps or electronics or 'smart' appliances that have listening.
  • I don't even let Cortana on our laptops.  (Not the same topic, but I keep a sticker over our webcams when not in use as well - and we do not use 'the cloud' for any storage so all those privacy devices and settings are also turned off on all electronics.) 

I feel as though it almost has to be our phones somehow doing it.  The phones are the only electronics we have our microphones 'on'.

It happened again today and I just have to shake my head and chuckle.  

Last night my son told me about how he was cleaning his toilet and scrubbing really hard on the underside, when the plastic wand snapped in hand.  It snapped pretty strongly, the jagged plastic scraped two fingers and stabbed a third finger, slicing it open with a lot of blood and a large flap of skin open.  We discussed first aid, etc.  Later I mentioned this to my husband and we briefly discussed how our son cut his fingers pretty bad 'cleaning a toilet'.  

This morning I discussed through snapchat on my iphone, using voice-text, the update on his fingers because it looks like when he jerked his hand, it hit the edge of the bowl and he broke his finger.  I then mentioned this update to my daughter (out loud).  

This evening I went online and suddenly instead of the usual ad topics I always see (I'm pretty boring predictable with my internet searches and sites) I see this........

I've never had a toilet cleaning ad before!!!  NEVER.  BAH HA HA HA.

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