... I was remembering the tongue-in-cheek book for new parents; Go the F**k to Sleep.

It's so funny, not-at-all-funny that the moment you get into the groove of a baby on a sleep schedule... they change it.

For a few blessed weeks (about a month?)  the baby would go down for his morning nap and baring any loud noises, gas or unrealized burps, would sleep for almost 3 hours.  This was his main nap of the day and it was... glorious.  I loved the schedule as I am a morning person so I could get so much accomplished during his naps and then we could spend the rest of the awake-time day together.

So what happened?  Seriously!  What happened?   Suddenly, no matter how incredibly tired he is, how many times his eyes are closing to sleep - he will fight it tooth and nail.  All the tricks of the trade are tried and sometimes they work.  Sometimes they don't.  But after two weeks of being completely 'off' and all over the place with his nap habits, it's now pretty much the new normal that sleep as become the enemy.

I've raised enough babies to know this is a completely normal change as he reaches another age and development milestone but oh... the struggle is real.  LOL.  So we embark on a new normal of fighting sleep ferociously and then, he blissfully and deeply sleeps but it now may only be for 20 minutes or it may be 1 1/2 hours.  And he's happy with this new set-up. A perfectly content, happy baby when he wakes, whether it be 20 minutes or 2 hours.

So me?  I just assume I will get 20 minutes to do any sort of 'task' that needs to be done and after that... anyone's guess.  His angry little cries are so darn cute I can't help but just smile and sometimes even giggle... just looking at him (awake, sleeping, angry, happy, eating, playing...) makes my heart sail and my mouth smile.  He can do no wrong in my book...  

But speaking of books, I also found myself chuckling this morning during his "I'm over-tired and fighting sleep to the death" tantrum when I was remembering the tongue-in-cheek book for new parents;  Go the F**k to Sleep. 

We've all been there....   LOL.









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