I'm so over it all.

I probably shouldn't blog.
Yeah, it's that kind of morning... day.
But, then again my coffee blog is here for me to 'let it out'.  To chat, to laugh, to vent, to say 'really!?', to just be whomever and say whatever in my own space.

Not that I actually DO that.  I hold back 99.9% of my life from this blog.  LOL.

But here I am... tired of everything.



If it's a topic you can name, I'd probably have a little pissy comment about it because seriously... I'm so over it all.  

People, politics, media, lies, hatred, riots, violence, bashing, propaganda, stupidity, arrogance, quarantines, sheeple, masks, closings, deliveries, husbands, clueless bloggers, jobs, political correctness, protesters, pandering... the list goes on and on and on.


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