It took 1 1/2 years but I finally used up all the wedding stamps! (Painstakingly peeling them off unused envelopes to re-use for current mail)

This morning I paid bills.  Most are online but there are sometimes a random odd bill from a doctor's office or something that needs a stamp, or I have an actual greeting card to send to a relative or something, that needs a stamp.   This morning I had 2 envelopes that needed stamps and I was almost singing Hallelujah when I reached into the little desk drawer and saw I was finally, blessedly, and thankfully on my last "I'm NOT wasting these" stamps.




You see, in the spring of 2019 we mailed out invitations to a family members wedding.  Inside the invitations were pre-stamped RSVP cards.   We had to make up extra invitation packets for some last minute invites, ones we didn't know the official greeting for (preferred names, etc.)  and the sudden "oh yes of course you're invited!  We didn't know your address but it's right here" type situations, yada yada.

When the wedding was done and over in May of 2019 I had a small pile of invitations I could rip up and throw out but inside were the pre-stamped RSVP envelopes and at $.55 each, hell NO I wasn't throwing out those stamps.  Instead I ripped the little corner off of every envelope, shredded the rest but tucked all those little ripped envelope corners with stamps on them away in the desk drawer.

Any time I needed a stamp I'd pull out one of those stupid little paper corners, painstakingly peel the stamp off the paper bit by tiny bit, and then armed with a glue stick, I'd have to re-attach it to the envelope I had to mail.

When you don't actually use 'snail-mail' very often, it takes a very, very long time to use up those stamps!!!  And what a pain-in-the-back-side to do it each time!

This morning I used the last 'wedding stamp' and I had a smile on my face.  That sucked.  And it took 1 1/2  years to use the damn things up.



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