My new canning jars, "What are you going to can? Body parts?" - Salsa - and don't forget - Non-Essential Live Stream Tonight

It's a Sunday morning, the sun is shining and it's a brisk 50 degrees out right now, which is perfect because I have the front door wide open and the morning air smells so lovely!  (I also have a space heater going next to my feet under the desk because I'm always cold...)

Yesterday I had plans to stay home and undertake a few tasks and chores.  Instead, I saw on Walmart's website they had a set of canning jars in stock.  The website said it had 5, so I figured if I hurried and got dressed and drove there (about 10 miles) I had a chance of scoring at least 1 case.  

You see, it's impossible to find canning jars right now.  They sell out within minutes online and in stores.  I glanced at the online 'in stock' under the photo and got my butt in gear to go check it out.

I neglected to let my brain comprehend what I was reading.  They were 64 ounce sized jars.  At the time I was so shocked just to see the words 'available' that I didn't stop to ponder the size.

I did after I got there.

Yes, they had 1 case left on the shelves and they were huge.  Like, pickle jar huge.  They are a gallon size, which I don't plan to can anything that size.  But they had 1 case of HALF PINT jars on the shelf as well, so... SCORE!  I love that size for salsa!

I hesitated at the large jars.  No, I didn't really want to can soups or anything that big but... dry storage!  I realized they would be perfect for pasta, rice, wheat berries (un-milled flour) and freeze dried foods once opened, to keep them in a great air tight, organized, uniform sized containers. 

I bought the jars.

I ended up doing a pretty big shopping trip for household items, sewing items, canning items and other boring things like that.  When I got home, I left the canning items on the kitchen counter in anticipation of making salsa today.  When Mr. Coffee got home from work last night he walked into office where I was, laughing.  

"What you going to can!?"  he exclaimed, "Body parts!?"


Yesterday I got a total of NONE of my tasks done that I kinda sorta wanted to.  Other things, but not the things I planned.  So today those are on my task list.

I will soon finish my coffee and go start to make the homemade salsa.

That has to simmer 1-3 hours before I can it so during that time I will be grinding chuck roasts into ground beef and packaging them and food vacuum sealing them for the freezer.

I also hoped to pressure can some butter but we have family members coming over to visit today and to help move a freezer so to be honest with myself, I know I won't probably won't get to that.

Tonight is also the Non-Essential live-stream that I hope I get to tune in for.  (Worship, guest speakers, and insightful casual discussions about Covid-19, the elections and more... will be streamed on nonessential.live from 5:00 – 7:00 PM PST - tonight - Sunday, October 18, 2020.)




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