Random Coffee Chit-Chat - It's Just the Coffee Talking.... Don't let social media dictate your life; don't let them tell you who to hate, who to love, how to vote or what you should or shouldn't do





This guy must be a democrat... or works for CNN.  LOL.


This morning when I needed a couple minutes 'brain break' time I visited a few websites/blogs/social media sites.  When the world seems all caught up in politics, religion, fighting, debating and being ugly to each other, it's easy to forget that that is just what social media and the main stream news WANT you to think.  They thrive on hatred.  HATE SELLS.  It's the shock headlines that get you click and fills their bank accounts.  

This morning I clicked on a few blogs/posts/websites that were links from people I already follow/read/like.  Just a couple but it was a good reminder that while the news and social media are baiting us to hate each other based on things like our politics, skin color and religion...  most people are good.  Most people are just living life the same as we always have.  There is no judgement.  Friends, family, neighbors and co-workers as well as strangers you start to chat with in line at the grocery store or running an errand - you don't know or care their politics, lifestyle or religion.  A smile, comment on the weather, the prices, the traffic.  You chat with your neighbor while you both are at your mailboxes checking the mail... skin color never mattered and still doesn't.  You chat or text with your friends and share laughter and tears just the same as you always have even though you are polar opposites in politics.  

Don't let social media tell you who to be friends with.  Who to love.  Who to hate.  Don't let social media 'tell' you anything.  


Random Chat:  Yesterday morning I had someone here that could watch the baby if he woke up from his nap and I fully intended on running to Sam's Club to get some household, pantry and freezer items.  One of the things I wasn't keen on is that just 3 of the items were 'large' in size and take up the whole cart even before I buy anything else!  Obviously the packages at membership warehouses are 'bulk' sized and I needed bathroom tissue, paper towels and 2 boxes of k-cup coffee pods.  That alone would fill my cart.  I figured it would be smartest to go in, purchase those, leave the store, put them into my car and then go back inside the store to do the rest of the shopping for my regular sized items.  But what a PAIN.  And a waste of time.  And I hate wasting time.  I'm oddly persnickety about time - down to the minute.

But in the end, I didn't go anyway.  Mr. Coffee returned home from his eye appointment a little later than I hoped, which was putting me behind schedule.  Travel time and shopping time means a Sam's Club trip usually takes me about 2 hours and the baby was due to wake in about 30 minutes.  That coupled with another frustration that popped up and got me in a really bad mood meant that I didn't go at all.  And that meant I would have to wait until I had a day free this weekend....

Weekend shopping at Costco and Sam's Club is NOT FUN.  Crowds.  Grump, mean people.  Squished aisles.  Picked over goods.  Blah.  Not to mention the issue about the items I needed being 'big' and making me go in and out of the store TWICE in order to shop and fit anything in my cart besides toilet paper, paper towels and coffee.

This little situation led me to do something I normally do NOT do.

Something I feel stupid and guilty about.

I ordered it.

Yes.  I logged onto Costco and ordered my toilet paper, paper towels and 2 boxes of coffee to be delivered.  I've never, ever done this before and it makes me cringe.


I feel... wasteful?  Entitled? Lazy?  Seriously, the world we live in today where we just order toilet paper sent to us and they ship with 1-2 day delivery.  Seems like SUCH a waste of time and gas for something so trivial.  

I tell myself that I'm being stupid and this makes sales for them, jobs for the delivery drivers and that this IS the world we live in today.  Where you can order tissue and have it delivered and it's a normal, basic thing now.  But I guess I'm an old soul at heart.  I feel ridiculous doing so.

However... I will also admit that now, tomorrow morning - on a busy, crazy Saturday morning at the membership warehouse, I'm going to be SO DARN HAPPY NOT TO HAVE THOSE HUGE ITEMS IN MY CART nor having to check out - take them to the car and go BACK in the store for a 2nd time just to get all the rest of my 'regular' groceries and items.  I really am.  

So my items are due to be delivered today - large, bulky (but light weight) items that I feel silly as heck to have delivered... but oh it will be nice to have space in my cart and my little bitty car tomorrow morning for my groceries.

... it's just the coffee talking, again.






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