Random Coffee Talking: I watched a documentary on Connie Francis (oh how my Uncle loved her) and my random embarrassing (now) memory of Paul & Paula (singing duo)

Random Thoughts:  

Last night I watched a short documentary on Connie Francis (Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero).  I've always known who she was, and I've always known her songs/music.  But I've never really known anything about her life.  That was an interesting story.  From her trying to please her father and learning to sing and perform at the age of 3, to the mafia ties, to being raped in a motel room, her many failed marriages and more.  I had no idea.  

My earliest memory of Connie Francis was visiting my cousins house and my Uncle had a record of hers in the living room next to the record player.  He loved her music - I believe in part because he had seen her perform while he was in the service and serving over in France.  It was listening to her record at his house that led me to know her music, and later, to borrow her albums from our local town library and painstakingly sound out and write the lyrics to Funiculi Funicula as I 'heard' them.  Not too many 4th or 5th grade kids in America knew those lyrics back then I imagine.  But... I did that often with music I liked.  I will fill pages of a notebook with lyrics - and back then it involved listening to a record over and over again - picking up the needle and moving it back a hair on the album to the right place and doing it over and over again as I wrote out the words to a song.

Since I was doing this in the early 80's her music was already "old" but I loved (loved loved loved) 50's and 60's music - I've always been an odd kid.  I've always loved all kinds of music.  All kinds.

Although that brings back a rather embarrassing (now) memory.  In about 3rd (?) grade, we were all on
the carpet at school having a group circle time.  Teacher asked everyone to tell their favorite band, song or singer.  My big music 'kick' at home at that time was some old albums of my parents and I piped right up to answer confidently:  "Paul and Paula!"  When everyone looked at me questioningly (even the teacher) as no one knew who they were;  I added innocently (because I had read it on their album cover);  "Paul and Paula sing for young lovers."  I had no idea what that meant, but I sure said it with confidence!

I can still see the raised eyebrows and smirk on my teacher, Mrs. Brogenhammer's face.  








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