"Sweetie" got his tires installed this weekend after all but no... like I suspected, there was no actual appointment. Ha ha.

I'm dragging myself to the office this morning simply because that is where the coffee maker is. 

I need coffee this morning, but unfortunately caffeine doesn't do much for me; but it's the aroma, the hot liquid I'm sipping, it's the hug mug in my hand... all good.  B12 will be taken as I walk out out the door this morning but for now, the smell of the fresh brewed coffee along with the hot liquid and the warm mug in my hands is just the right way to start the morning.

My husband got his tires installed this weekend so I did get my car back.  He showed up for the installation appointment (if you are confused, see the previous post before this one) and the guy my husband talked to turned to the other and said, "Did you know you had a 1:00 appointment?"   He said, "Nope."  And they both proceeded to look at the appointment book.  Sure enough, no name was written in (how could he?  He never asked me for one.)  But it did say the size of the tires scribbled down on the daily log (the one thing he did ask me for) and "1:00" next to it.  And 'my' tires were sitting right there, so they knew there was an appointment... kind of.  But no name.  Nope, not even "Sweetie". 

And... I'm out of time.  Must put on 'see other people outside of the house clothes' and finger-brush my hair at the very least.  Good Morning!!!  And I'll be back as soon as I can to chit chat over more coffee.

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