"Sweetie" has an appointment at 1:00 to get her tires installed... won't he be surprised when it's my husband who answers to 'Sweetie'?

I might get my car back today!  That's the plan at least.  And my husband told me last night he cleaned it out and filled it up on his way home so it's ready to be handed back to me.   I say it's the 'plan' because we all know how dealing with companies and promises go... right?

Yesterday afternoon I got an email alert my tires were in.  I had clicked to get text alerts and gave my phone # but whatever; I happened to be at the computer when the email came through so grabbed our home phone and braced myself to battle the automated system and the lack of anyone answering the phones in the tire department, but I was determined to get an installation appointment.

And I did.  I think.

I got through by making sure the customer service person the call 'bounces back to' after the tire department doesn't pick up, know that I needed to speak to the tire department to make an appointment for my install (not just calling to say "do you have...." or "how much is....").  This way they knew to let me stay on HOLD until they picked up and not bounce back and forth hang up automatically.  It worked... but when the guy answered, he didn't ask me for my order number.

When I said I needed to make an appointment for my tire installation he asked me the size of the tire.  Hmmm.  So I gave them the size and he said, "How does 1:00 sound?"  I said, "I'll take it!"  and he said... "Ok, see ya then sweetie."

Don't you need my name?  My order number?  Something?  Anything?  Ha ha.

I must be the only person with that size tire waiting in their system this week?  Which would be weird because it's a pretty normal, average sized tire.

When I told my husband what he said, he laughed.  He said, "Boy, he's sure going to be surprised what 'Sweetie' looks like when I show up then!"

I know women (and maybe men) out there will have their panties in a bunch over me being called sweetie, but I live in the deep South.  "Hon" "Sweetie"  etc. are not put-downs in any way... they are sprinkled in normal conversation and mean nothing.

We are from the North and the West Coast, so when we relocated here, I recall stopping in my tracks and feeling a very strange, surreal sense of 'is this really happening' when I did my first grocery shopping trip.   I went to a very 'Southern' grocery store; one that is a popular chain down here, but doesn't exist elsewhere in the country.

As I'm wandering the aisles with my cart...err... my buggy, I'm already in awe of just how 'old fashioned' the aisles, the layout of the store and the whole experience felt.   Once in a while the piped in music over the loud speaker in the ceiling would break for the typical grocery store announcements but after a few minutes I heard one that went something like this;

"Kristy, sweetie, you wanna pick up line two?  Thanks hon."


I think I might have chuckled out loud.

In any of the states, cities or towns we've lived in previously, the announcement over the loud speak of the store would have been;

"Kristy, you have a call on line two.  Kristy, line two."

So yeah, hon, girl, sweetie are used and it's not condescending, it's just that everyone you meet down here is a 'friend' or even 'family' (kin) until proven otherwise.   It's also a sign of 'respect for a lady' because if you are rude, snotty, arrogant, mean or stuck-up... no one is going to call you sweetie or hon with a kind smile.

They might wish you a 'have a Blessed day' though, because well, if you are rude, maybe you need some blessings in your life.  ;)

Either way, I suppose I have a 1:00 appointment today (or my husband does) to get the tires installed and I get my car back. And Mr. Coffee and I are both going to go so he can get his tires, and I'm going to buy some groceries and household goods.


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