The world is a beautiful place when I block the main stream media from my life.

This morning I woke about 20 minutes later than normal which was... wonderful.  Apparently I needed sleep, and got a little more!  But after I got started on my day, realized the rest of the world is still bat-shit crazy so I stopped reading any news headlines.  LOL.  The world is a beautiful place when I block the main stream media from my life. 

The tires I ordered from Sam's Club last weekend still aren't in.  I would blame it on one of the bajillion Covid-19 shortages but... they stock them in store.  Yes, I had to 'order' them though because even though the last two times I've ordered tires they've told me "Yeah, don't bother to order them online, just call us on the phone and schedule an appointment because we stock these as a regular tire..."  BUT THEY NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER ANSWER THAT DANG PHONE.

It will ring forever and bounce back to the main customer service desk.  And they get a little testy when it's bounced back 3 times... and hang up on you.  So... I order the stupid things and wait for them to come in, then fight like hell to get through to schedule the appointment.

But... their price is right, and I can get them installed while I'm doing my grocery shopping so... I put up with it.

In the meantime however, my point to that little ramble over coffee is that my husband's been borrowing my car this week waiting for the tires to come in.  And they are STILL not in.  Which is about 2 days longer than normal SO FAR and it's Friday.  So... I may be stranded without my car longer than I thought.  Until next week?  Not cool.


I've got some chit-chat things going on in my head but a baby just started fussing and two dogs are waiting to go 'out' and have breakfast so I think my morning coffee talk time is up for now.   I'll try to make it back though. 

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