There are none so blind as those who refuse to see........ Open your eyes! Study, research, educate, learn...

  Biden's tax plan could create a tax rate of as much as 62%....

Our media should be JOURNALISTS and UNBIASED and simply present the FACTS AND TRUTH and let people decide for themselves.  But instead, they choose what stories to feed the public.  They're 'in bed' so to speak (and sometimes literally) with so many liberal Democrats that they CAN'T be honest anymore... are days of truth in journalism gone for good?  Forever?

Hillary was fed the questions to her debates ahead of time... and this time around the moderators are known big time Democrat 'friends' - how is this ok???????????   If it was a good friend of President Trump the leftist heads would be exploding right now.

They can do ANYTHING they want and get away with it... it just blows my mind.  NO ONE is holding Biden, Harris or the democratic leaders to ANY standards.  Zero. 

Liars.  All. Fucking. Liars.