This morning when my husband was getting ready for work at 4:30, I was laying in bed hoping to be able to fall back to sleep.  I suddenly thought "Is my alarm set?  If I fall back to sleep around 5:30 or 6:00 I need to be up by 6:30 or I'll be late!"  And as I grabbed my phone to make sure my alarm was 'on' I realized;  it's  Saturday!  Make sure your alarm is OFF!  So I did.

And good thing.  Because later, I did fall back to sleep and woke up at a very late (for me) 7:25 am.  Ah, Saturday, I think I love you.

Although I don't talk politics out loud in real life, I do need to vent some times so that is where my blog helps out.

Biased journalists keep asking themselves;  "What story can we feed the public?"

And damn, it works.

For those who don't like to get spoon fed shit by the media; they can see through the facade, the lies and the coverups.  Look past what's on the spoon being held out to your mouth and see what is in the bowl it's coming from..

Once you see, your eyes are opened and you can't unsee.

I don't talk politics in real life.  I don't like hearing others talk politics, I don't take part.

Politics also don't affect who I choose to be friends with in life.

My life-long, dearest and oldest friend and her husband were liberal Democrats.  Die-hard Democrats. Very active life-long Democrats.

Best friends; we held different political beliefs but it rarely came up in conversations except when she would mention they were going to the caucuses that evening or were going to be busy campaigning that weekend, etc. 

About 10 years ago they both surprised themselves and came out as Republicans.  At first her husband started to make comments about what he was seeing, learning and that he was shocked he found himself agreeing with the Republicans more than his own party.  My best friend admitted to her husband that she too was seeing some truth... once she was open to taking off her blinders.  2008 started the eye-opening and by 2012 they both considered themselves "Liberal Republicans".  




Most of my friends, I don't know what party they side with. I don't care. I don't bring it up and if they do, I may answer with short answers or decline to answer - but will change the subject because political sparing just isn't important and it doesn't factor into my friendships with people.

I'm that way with a lot of things in life.

I don't judge you on how you dress, how you vote, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or your status in life.  I do however judge if we can be friends by who you are.  What you say, how you act, what you do.  Your personality. Your actions. 

Who you are. That counts.

But sometimes I'm so frustrated by what I'm seeing that I need to vent so... there ya go.  My blog. My space. My outlet.

But mostly?  Just coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.