This was certainly random: the unintentional memory connection this morning between an online ad for shoe repair and suicide

This morning I was just sipping coffee, checking emails and such when I saw an online ad for a local shoe repair service.  I stopped... paused... I guess I hadn't thought about a shoe repair business for a number of years.  Honestly, I'm impressed.  It seems we live in such a throw away society that no one over the age of 90 would bother to get their shoes repaired anymore.  

Now that I'm pondering 'shoe repair shops' I'm remembering I actually used one... although I can't remember where we lived at the time (which city or state) or how many years ago it was.  But I think it was my oldest daughter's new leather shoes or hiking boots.  It's a faint memory... I recall yellow stitching and it was really, really cheap to get it fixed (whatever it was).  I'm thinking probably 15 years ago?  

But that brings up another 'shoe repair' - kinda - memory.

I know a guy who started a shoe and leather repair shop at his home.  I babysat for his kids.  When I started, they had just had one little newborn.  By the time I graduated high school and left home, they had two kiddos and I was their full time babysitter for 4 summers in a row.  It was just a few years later he committed suicide.  In the garage where he had his shoe-repair shop set up.  He was always a rather odd-duck kind of guy, a little bit creepy so I avoided him during my teenage years babysitting for them - I mostly saw the Mom during my summer babysitting job - but he was always cheerful.  Had a smile on his face and was talkative.  I didn't know of any issues he or they might have had.  In other words; I never had a clue.

So now we've made the connection between a shoe-repair ad into suicide... but there is one more connection.  October is mental health awareness month, right?   So it all unintentionally fits together.  

Off to brew one more cup of strong, hot, black coffee before heading in to get dressed and take off....


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