We got our new upright freezer! And... it's OMG huge. LOL

Yesterday we had a delivery window of 7:am - 1:pm for our new freezer.  Even though I knew they wouldn't show at 7:am... you have to be ready because Murphy's Law and all, right?  The one time you are not ready for them at 7:am is the one time in 50 years they would come at 7:am!   But it's all good.  
They came around 10:15 and brought the freezer off the truck.  I didn't plan to have them install it because the old one that we are replacing (the one that is barely qualifying as a refrigerator, but is not functioning as a freezer!) is still full of things and plugged in.  So into the garage it went - I only had them unbox it so I could plug it in and test that we had power.
Now, because of the COVID-19 random shortages, I've not been able to find an upright freezer for months.  I've been looking 'on and off' since about May - at reputable companies and big box - not some random ebayer or an online company in India.  So when I found this one and it was upright, had good reviews and was in stock - I only debated long enough to look at the photos of the inside and outside, read through reviews and hit "ORDER" before they all sold out again.  It said it was 21 cubic feet but I figured our regular freezers have always been 14-17 cubic feet and it couldn't be all that much bigger than our current one, right?  A freezer is a freezer is a freezer.


Guys - this freezer is 6 1/2 feet tall!  LOL.  My husband got home from work last night and saw it in the garage... he came upstairs laughing at me.  Did I seriously know it was that large when I ordered it?  Um, no.  Honestly I figured all freezers were basically the same size - give or take 6 inches or so.  I never expected one to be over 6 feet all.  Much less towering over me at 6 1/2 feet!

So this morning I've been running around with a tape measure trying to figure out how to get it into the house and where to put it (because it will not fit in the space where our current one is).  I DO think I've got it worked out but it's taking some muscle, some maneuvering, possibly removing a door to get through and taking down a set of racking in the laundry room so it can go on the one and only wall available where it will fit.

But it's all good... and funny.  I'm just thrilled I finally found an upright freezer!   I'll have to take a photo after it's installed.  All I can do is shake my head and chuckle.