• Saw our new Supreme Court Justice was made official.  I think it's awesome that we have a young, professional, intelligent, graceful wife and MOM of 7 who has accomplished so much!  A true outstanding woman for females everywhere to be proud of.  So many times women are pushed into the 'meh' category once they are married and have children.  Even if they work full time, raise the children, take care of the home, are equal partners with their husbands. Women have a hard time getting the respect they deserve.  I'm quite proud of her.   



  • I'm NOT proud of the many, many cover-ups being done to protect Creepy Uncle Joe right before the election.  His ties to so many illegal connections, ill-gotten money, his equally creepy (and looks like a pedophile) son, his mental issues, inability to even remember who he is running against in the election "uh... George... Uh, George..."  while his trashy wife sits next to him cringing and trying to whisper/mouth the correct name to him...  sigh.  The same thing went on during the Obama administration.  He would do some shifty, scamming, illegal, unethical things and it would just barely make the surface before it suddenly hushed up and 'disappeared' - as did many of the people who had the goods on him... and Clinton.  The body count rises when they have something on the Obama's and Clinton's.  Just... sigh.  
  • Christmas.  It's right around the corner and I've had some ideas in my head of what to get on my rather-long-list of family and extended family to buy for but you know what?  I CAN'T.  I just can't get in the mood to care enough to get moving on this.  Even when I know what I intend to look for.  Even when I know I can shop from home.  I have even opened up the laptop browser and gone to the correct sites and still can't get myself to care enough to just order anything.  Why?  Why!?  WHY?  I have no idea.  I just don't.  I exit, I click away, I walk away.  Meh.  

I have to track down a missing package now before the baby wakes up and I can't actually accomplish anything that needs focus or attention longer than about the 2 minutes he affords me.  Ha ha.  So I'm off to swig a quick sip of ice cold water and check the status of the missing item and then...  ah, the task list is long.

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