Zeta brings us unexpected house guests. I made up an emergency bag of self-heating food (links included), water and power but in the end, they opted to stay with us for a couple days

Today is just... weird.  

I guess the fact that I normally don't drink diet soda at ALL but I thought it sounded good and we happened to have a can leftover from something so there is one in the house; but not only did I want to switch from coffee to a diet soda, but I looked at the clock and it's only 9:40 am.  Me drinking diet soda?  At 9:45 am?  Whhhhat?  

I told you!  Today and yesterday are just WEIRD.

This is mostly in part to hurricane Zeta that passed through.  Thankfully she passed through quickly because had she stayed any longer we would have some massive damage.  

As it is, our home is fine, but we have family members who had some basement flooding and their power has been out since around 2:00 am Thursday morning.  It's still out - and the power company isn't even pretending to say when it will be restored.  The update page says "evaluating".  One of the BIG issues with that is that they had some screw ups in their computer system and didn't realize it - so all Thursday (morning, afternoon and into the night) everyone calling or attempting to go online to report outages were told their power had already been restored an hour after it had gone out Thursday night... and the computers weren't showing any of the outages as needing repair even with people calling.  (*The website wouldn't allow outage requests to go through either).  

Long story short, we set up our big generator at their home last night to try to save their food in the fridge and freezer but with a tiny baby in the house and the cold weather that followed the storm - meaning no heat - coupled with no lights, no cell phone coverage in their area (they rely on the boost of wifi), no water heater, no electric stove power to cook... etc.  They stayed with us last night.

Everyone is off to work this morning - the baby here with me - and because of work schedules, no one could make the hour drive to their home and back again to check on the generator this morning.  So honestly, we are just hoping it's still there and no one stole it last night!

With no power being restored any time soon we assume they will be with us at least another day or two so I'm planning a larger meal tonight just in case.



When we brought the generator over to their house last night the plans weren't for sure where they would be sleeping or staying at that point so I packed up some of our self-heating camping meals, bottled water, a power pack to charge and run their cell phones and a laptop computer to watch dvd's on to help pass the time, and a plug in lamp that works with the power pack (it's a power inverter basically - holding power in a small battery).

They were thankful for the items but in the end,  they accepted our offer to just come and stay with us instead.

The items in the emergency bag are available online at their own brand website, but also through Amazon if you are interested;

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station, 150Wh Small  Generator Alternative with 12V, AC and USB Outputs  



Omeals Self-Heating Portable Meals, Italian 6-Pack - Includes 2 Cheese Pizza, 2 Chicken Pasta Parmesan and 2 Spaghetti with Beef & Sauce     



Goal Zero Light-A-Life 350 LED Light