Ahhh 2020. The year that lasted 5 years and then apparently started all over again in November. Another toilet paper and cleaning supply shortage in November!???


Oh no... it looks like it's baaaaaack.

The toilet paper shortage part two?

Last weekend I needed paper towels so on my trip to Sam's Club for some holiday baking ingredients I looked for them but nope.  Paper towels were all gone, as was all the toilet paper.  I was 'later' than normal though as it was probably 10:00 am when I got there and we weren't 'out' yet - just on the last couple rolls from the last pack so I went on my day - got what I could for ingredients (out of many of those items as well... like cream cheese, whipped cream, yada yada).

A few days go by in which I'm busy with... regular life.

And yesterday morning I got a snapchat from one of my friends/coffeetalking readers regarding her local store being completely out of toilet paper.  She thought she had snagged one, but it was a package of store brand paper towels, which were also almost out. 

We still didn't know it was a 'thing'.

Life went on  - another busy day - and then last night my husband got home from work and in the course of conversation I mentioned my friends shopping trip and the bare shelf/no toilet paper.  He said "Yeah, I heard that on the radio today.  They said due to the Covid numbers rising there is another shortage of toilet paper... everyone's gearing up to stay home."

Well... crap.

(Pun unintended)

I knew one of our daughters was planning to do her regular grocery and household shopping this weekend and planned on buying toilet paper.  Yesterday was WEDNESDAY.  She wasn't shopping until SATURDAY.

So I texted her.  Told her about the 'shortage' I heard about.

She immediately started to check online from her house.

Target - out.

Walmart - out.

Local grocery store - out.

Sam's Club - out.

She texted me to ask if I could check Costco as she doesn't have a membership, but I do.

I checked.


We are back to.... MARCH again.  Where you have to hit up 5-6 stores in person hoping to find some in stock.  

Ahhh  2020.

The year that lasted 5 years and then apparently started all over again in November.  

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