Another procrastination post.... let's have coffee and chat because I'm unmotivated to get started on another project/task/chore. My attempt to update our American Eagle email address on our account. An HOUR long mess.


I just put chicken breasts in the instant pot (well, mine is a Cosori but most people just call all brands of pressure cookers, instant pots so I figured no one would know what I was talking about). 

Yesterday I made the silly mistake of deciding to log in and update our American Eagle account with a different email address. 

My gracious. This turned into almost an hour long pain in the butt to accomplish.  I couldn't just log in and update my email addy.

They needed to email me a verification code in order to update my account.

But every time I clicked the ok to send the code, I got an error message in red.  It said basically my phone and email were mismatched.

Except I checked and both were correct.

I tried a few times and gave up and clicked on the CHAT box to get someone to simply update our email addy.

I got a fake-name-customer-service-rep who didn't understand a damn thing.

It was a complete waste of time.

After telling her I needed to update my email but was getting an error message, we went through the whole verifying who I was thing and she sent me the 'verification code'.  BUT SHE DIDN'T.  She sent me a "change your password" email link but I did not want to change my password.  I just want to update my email address.

Anyway!  So after all this hullabaloo she asked me what email I want to use; I told her and she told me it was done.  That's when I said thank you very much and she logged off quickly.

So I refreshed my page thinking I'd see the update and... no.

So I logged out and tried to log back in.  I could not log in.

I checked my email account (the new one I gave her to change/update).  It was THANKING ME FOR SIGNING UP FOR AE EMAILS.

The dang stupid girl just added my email to the mailing list as if I signed up for it. She did NOTHING to update my account.  

So I had to hit CHAT again and talk to a second person to explain.

What a mess.

In the end, I got it figured out but it took 2 customer service reps and almost an entire hour just to update the email on my account.  (And for the record; just for fun I clicked on the option to update my email on my profile - thinking it would be fixed now to do it myself next time if I wanted to.  NOPE.  Still got a red error message.  Whatever.  At least I got the email updated.)



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