Black Rifles Matter..... t-shirt! Along with the Black Rifle Coffee Company t-shirt and how I got on this topic in the first place! (Lost in t-shirt ideas on Amazon)

In our househhold, I do all the Christmas and birthday shopping for our loved ones and on Christmas morning my husband is just as surprised as the gift recipient to see what they got!  Actually my kids have turned towards Mr. Coffee and literally said, "Hey, this is what you got me!"  Ha ha.  They know Mom does... well, everything around here.  LOL.

So last night when Mr. Coffee got home from work I told him I was expecting a delivery this week of our son's Christmas gifts.  I ordered a couple t-shirts and some coffee and a mug from Black Rifle Coffee Company.  I asked if he wanted to see what we got him?  He did.   

One of the items I ordered from their site was their vintage logo t-shirt in black.....  

  But when my husband saw it - he loved it.  As in... "Oh wow, I love that!  I really love it in green.  That's really cool."


So of course tonight, I go to their site to see if they still have it in Army green in his size because hello?  Instant easy Christmas gift, right?  But... no.  Sold out of green in his size.  No problem I think.  I'll check Amazon!  But again... no.  Just in black.  But that's fine because I've already gotten him a few other items (a KISS t-shirt that he's going to love...) and I can wait a couple weeks to see if they get green back in stock in his size.  But in the meantime....

So I glanced at the rest of the page where Amazon says "other customers have also viewed..."  and I found some awesome t-shirts.

This one - love it.  BLACK RIFLES MATTER!  Get behind the movement man.... 

Black Rifles Matter Shirt 



And when I saw this one I just chuckled because yes... this is SO ME.

"when this virus is over, I still want some of you to stay away from me"




  When This Virus is Over Graphic Novelty Sarcastic Funny T Shirt L Black 

I ended up finding about a bazillion awesome t-shirts on Amazon but no... I'm not ordering them all.  Although, I am bookmarking the Black Rifle Coffee t-shirt just in case I can't find the green version in stock any time soon.