Chit Chat over Coffee! My morning so far... dog poo, dog vomit, dog pee, roof rats and more. But first... coffee.

 Last night I was awake numerous times.  One thing or another. Got only a few hours actual sleep.

This morning I woke up for the day around 5:57 and just laid in bed.  Talked to God a bit.  Thought out a few things.  Finally, got up at 6:30 so I had time for a quick cup of coffee in my jammies before hurrying to get dressed and leave the house.

I opened the bedroom door and smelled... something not good.  I know that smell.  It means somewhere in the house one of the dogs had an accident.

The thing that pissed me off is that my husband left for work an hour earlier at 5:00 and I know damn well it was already 'there' when he left but he never ever ever ever ever ever smells anything, notices anything or sees anything.  

So in my jammies, no coffee, I immediately am on my hands and knees with paper towels and Pine-Sol cleaning up poo and scrubbing off dried splatters.  

And there are 2 yellow vomit spots on two different rugs.  (One is right in the path of where Mr. Coffee had to walk to get his phone and work computer before leaving this morning...)  "Oh. I didn't see it."

I cleaned it all up and then got out the Clorox floor wipes and mopped the area.

At this point I needed to go get dressed and throw some makeup on so I could leave the house on time.

But I had an alert on my phone to 'clear' that said one of our outside security cameras had gone off line at 2:30 and 'this is the last image we have'.  Well, the camera had came back 'online' itself but the image showed the camera was moved and looking straight down into the brick corner.

So I opened up the history to see what had moved the camera.

Because I had time to do this and all....

I went back to the history to see when the camera had moved.


A f-ing roof rat.

It's Fall.  It's getting colder.

And roof rats are thing where we live.  That and flying squirrels.

And this stupid rat was running back and forth on the brick edge, the front porch light and the brick wall, trying to get up to the roof to find a way into the attic.

He tried for about an hour off and on before he decided to use the camera to climb on and apparently (I guess?) got over it.

So I got to add THAT to my list of things to tackle today that I don't have time for.

I rushed to get ready - making coffee in a travel mug while I got dressed because dammit I'm GOING to get some friggin' coffee this morning.

And when I arrived back home later I walked into the house to ANOTHER poo mess.

And another vomit spot.

And while I cleaned that up - noticed they had returned to the spot that I cleaned and Clorox disinfected this morning to PEE.

Fucking dogs! 


She most likely sneaked some grass to quickly munch last night when she was let 'out' at 9:pm for her last potty before bed.  When she does this I get a day of these damn surprises and she's perfectly fine again.


The camera is fixed.

I have glue strips up on the ledge.  I've checked the attic.  (There looks to be an area where the insulation is disturbed so I suspect it made its way in.)  I have some glue strips and a trap down and will put 2 more traps up in various places but not now.

Because first....   COFFEE.








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