Chit Chat Over Saturday Morning Coffee.... I'm holding a cup of coffee, so yeah, I'm pretty busy


Mr. Coffee is putting up the tree right now and he's a 'one man on the task' kind of guy.  This means I get to sit here and sip coffee and munch on a leftover turkey sandwich.  

I don't mean he's decorating it though.  Lord help us if he attempted that.  LOL.  No, I mean he's just 'putting up the tree'.

Now that we don't have a bunch of kids underfoot 'helping' we have it down to this;

He gets all the Christmas boxes out of storage and deposits them willy-nilly in the Family Room.  This 'mess' makes me crazy but it works because I need to get decorating 'done' and over so he can put the boxes back in storage where I don't have to look at them!

So he puts up the bare bones of the 'big' tree (it's 12 feet tall plus another foot or so with the stand and another for the angel so... about 14 feet tall). Then... his part is over.

I'll do everything else.  The tree decorating, putting up the other normal sized 5 ft. tree, the rest of the decorating, the baking, the buying of the family Christmas gifts, etc.


I started this post hours ago.

Life got in the way, but I'm back.

Tree is up but I'm not rushing in to beautify it yet.  Meh.  Tomorrow may be good for that.

I made a yummy sugarfree dessert to eat and called it lunch.  Pistachio pudding and whipped cream on a crunchy pretzel crust.  

I also helped my son wade through making an account with a major airline and he bought his own airline ticket for the first time ever.  #Adulting  Typically we would just pay for his ticket and purchase it if he was coming to visit us, or if he's gone somewhere with friends, his friend would usually just purchase the tickets together and he'd pay them back.  Today was the day... I taught him how to research and think through the layover cities; and take into account the layover times (MAJOR IMPORTANT) because he lives where it's highly likely he'll have ice storms and blizzards and power outages to screw up the flights.  A 51 minute layover in July may be fine for one particular airport but in December you better plan at least 2+ hours to help with the probable flight delays!  So that is DONE and he now has plans in place to visit for the Christmas holiday.  WooWhoo!  

I think he was pretty proud that he did it all himself and just before we hung up our Facetime call he grinned and said, "Welp, I think that's enough adulting for the day..."   


I got lost for a bit when I did a random search for something I heard mentioned by someone and didn't know what they were talking about.  An old fashioned "egg carton lamp shade".  They had one a great grandparent had made.  There was a photo.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  So, I looked them up online.

I saw some really pretty examples out there... so now I know yes, recycled egg carton lamps and shades are a thing... and can be done fairly pretty. 

At this moment Mr. Coffee is hanging my paper towel dispenser.  Tired of trying to track down paper towels at the store, I invested in a paper towel dispenser - which I have decided to hang in my laundry room just off the kitchen.  This makes it easy to grab them for kitchen clean up, hands, etc. but it's still out of the way enough as it's not a rustic wood dispenser that would go with my kitchen decor.  

For the record on that topic;  they DO have really cool looking rustic wood and wood dispensers.  I searched for about a week before deciding I really didn't need or want one - and had no good place to put one in the kitchen.  You can hang them or put them on the counter but I just didn't want the clutter on the counter and I don't have any good available space to hang anything in my kitchen by the way it's designed.  So...  this works for me.

I've gotten pulled away four more times since I came back to this post... bah ha ha.   Time to hit PUBLISH and just call it good enough.  I don't recall what I even started out talking about in this post anymore!   

Meh, it was just the coffee talking again anyway.....