Chit Chat while baby sleeps and I'm waiting on the UPS guy to show up (and probably wake the sleeping baby as the 3 large dogs will go nuts barking when he does)


It's a gorgeous fall day out there and although I did sneak out to the deck to read for a little bit in the sunshine, I couldn't relax as the baby was napping and I anticipated him waking any second, along with the UPS driver showing up any second.  Better to come inside and keep busy but even that got... meh.  So here I am.

Not really interesting, but interesting:  

The UPS truck passed my house going into the subdivision next to us.  He did not stop even though I have a delivery.  I thought he might stop at my home on the way back out (only one way in and out) but nope.  Watched him speed by with nary a hesitation.  So... ok.  I assume there must be two trucks working this route then and the second one is the one with my box.

Also related... what I ordered.

Call me crazy in this Covid quarantine, social distancing, no travel time warp we are are currently in, but I ordered a set of luggage.  I know, right!?  But there is a method to the madness.  A few years ago I bought a set through Amazon and they were not only affordable (ok, downright cheap) but they turned out to be pretty awesome.  Happily surprised, they've served us well since December of 2016.  However out of the four pieces, we gave the perfect carry-on sized bag to our son to use on his flights and on the last business trip my husband took the airlines did only-God-knows-what to completely break off the entire handle from his large suitcase.  So, down to 2 of the 4 pieces, and one of them is the smallest sized squishy bag that a lot of people just use for their bathroom/shower/makeup bags.

So... after hemming and hawing for months and months and months I just decided to do it.  The price was low, and although thanks to Covid I probably can't/won't travel for awhile... it gives me HOPE.  Hope that open travel will be allowed soon.  And I'll be ready.

The baby is due to wake any second and I guess I've rambled over... well, not coffee, but ice cold Diet Pepsi, long enough.  Thanks for popping in!

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