Coffee Break! I've got my cow apron on and thinking of my dear Uncle Bert every time I wear it. Todays post - canning, canning jars and whatnot

Hello!!  Baby is napping, hyper dog is laying at my feet (of course) and I have homemade yummies cooking away while the canning jars are going through the sterilizing setting on the dishwasher in anticipation of me doing some canning.

I've got one of my homemade aprons on... (awkward selfie photo to the left).  This apron in the photo has been inn a picture of me on Coffee Talking before - probably circa 2008 or 2007 ish.  The reason it stands out in my mind is that at the time, one of my readers (Uncle Bert) loved my apron and the fact that it had cows and chickens on it.  LOL.  He wanted me to make him one and send it to him in London.  Since then, whenever I choose this apron (or one of the 3 I have similar to it) I think of my dear Uncle Bert and how he made fun of, yet loved, my cow apron.

After a few gloriously beautiful days, we have cold weather, gray skies and such moving in.  But oh how this week was so pretty!  Sunny Fall days really get me motivated to bake, to can, to cook 'grandma' style yummy comforting meals.  I am on cloud nine with a smile on my face on sunshiny Fall days!  But alas, they never can last, can they?

One of my friends/coffee talking readers sent me a text this morning with a photo of the shelves at her local store - FILLED with cleaning supplies, Clorox wipes and... miracle of miracles - Lysol spray!  I was impressed because our stores in my part of the country are never stocked with cleaning supplies like that.  Not yet anyway.  We do have the Clorox Wipes show up randomly (I picked up a 5 pack at Sam's Club for my daughter last week but I don't usually use them so I still have plenty on hand for myself) but Lysol Spray is NEVER found and our cleaning supplies in general are always very, very low stocked and sell out immediately when they hit the shelves.

Another thing that hasn't bounced back since March is finding canning jars.  Always out.  They were out pretty much everywhere (even online) although I've found that if I continuously check my good 'little' and out of the way in the middle of no where country Walmart down the road 10 miles, that I can sometimes randomly find a few.  But rarely the good size.  Last time I had to get the half gallon size!  Ha.  I wrote about that here on Coffee Talking.  My husband teased me about what in the world I'd can in those?  Body parts?  Honestly I got them thinking they would be great for 'dry' goods like rice, flour, sugar, cereal...  

And I have found and gotten the 4 oz. which are good for some things but I really really want/need 8 and 16 oz. which are hard to find.  But hopefully  now that the Fall canning season is mostly over I can start finding them on the shelves again!

I'm going to go hot pack a couple jars of apples right now while I wait for the rest of the food to finish simmering so I can can it, and wait for the canning jars to finish their cycle in the dishwasher.  Thanks to each of you for stopping in to It's Just the Coffee Talking.  Hope you are having a good Fall day too!





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