Coffee Talk at 5:pm - random chit chat that mostly was about happiness in finding canning jars... who is this person I've become!???

 It's 5 o'clock somewhere...  so gettin' my drink on.Never mind that my drink is coffee.  LOL.

Strong, hot, black coffee and I've just downed the first so I'm brewing a second.

Today I hit up Walmart and scored on canning jars!  I found some of the pint size on the shelf, put 2 cases in my cart, but I just couldn't walk away.  Something kept turning me back.  I stood there debating and then looked up.  Bingo!  High up on the top of the shelves where the extra product is, I spied WIDE MOUTH PINT JARS!  This is what I've wanted and haven't found in 7 months!   They are finally getting easier to find now that Covid shortage supplies are coming back on the shelves, and the typical 'canning season' is over.

I scored 4 of them and 1 case of quart sized wide mouth.  Oh happy day.  I just knew I needed to go to Walmart today!  (Honestly, canning jars, a bumbo seat and some baby toys were what was on my list to get today and I got all of it!  And more of course... always more.) 

Who have I become that finding canning jars makes me so happy????





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