Crappy Pillows, TV Free and Thy Will Be Done... God Bless America


Good Morning!

PILLOW TALK:  Well, perhaps not good in the fact that I woke with a deep headache... but it's a pillow issue.  I need to find and purchase decent pillows that won't make my neck and shoulders ache and won't give me a headache.  I thought I found some about 2 months ago but no.  Ouch.  It's an ongoing issue.  Pillows will work fine for awhile but then I'll start waking with an aching shoulder and stiff neck and it will start up again.  So... if you have recommendations of where you bought a good set of pillows and what brand, etc. let me know.  

For the record, I'm a side sleeper, so that makes a big difference!  My husband is a back sleeper and none of his favorite pillows work for a side sleeper.  And I hate the cooling gel pillows - and the ones with the bits of cut/chopped foam is what I have now and I hate them.  They feel soft and squishy until you actually USE them and you realize those little foam bits actually immediately form and get hard when you lay on them after a couple minutes.  This hurts your ear cartilage and is no support for your neck/shoulder.  The last one I bought was a foam/feather pillow made for side sleepers... it squishes down so flat that within 2 minutes I'm in pain.  Gah.  So... headache, stiff neck and shoulder aches this morning!

IF YOU ARE WONDERING:  Not a mention of the election or politics this morning because... I have completely, 100% avoided ALL social media and news since yesterday morning specifically so I wouldn't deal with conjecture, guessing, blah blah blah.  I'll read the news later this morning after I'm home again, but I've been completely news/media/social media free of anything remotely political or election related for about 24 hours now.  (Remember I don't ever ever watch TV nor even have one on around me... so that's not a problem. I've not watched TV in 20 years.)

Another reason I've not been focused on our election (outside of a couple small vents here on my blog) is that I don't talk about it or dwell on it in 'real' life. 

Even though I'm strong in my faith, I haven't prayed for anything in particular either.  Why?

Because... Thy will be done.

God already knows the outcome of... everything.

I've spent the past 3 weeks or so just praying the Lord's Prayer and basically saying to God - you already know what our future holds.  Things are predestined to happen as they happen in this world of ours.  My opinion doesn't really matter and what I think is 'best' for anyone doesn't matter... let's just keep moving along in this life and deal with things as they come.  God knows how this world plays out from beginning to end.  He's told us how it will all play out in the Bible; there are no secrets.

So it is what it is.  And my prayers have all seemed to be Thy Will Be Done.  Not my will... but Thy will.

Of course, I've found myself humming and singing the song "God Bless America... Land that I love..."  fairly often... ha ha.  Maybe subconsciously I was praying after all....