For all of those coffee friends who come here first thing in the morning for coffee and random chit chat - GOOD MORNING


This mornings little 'me' photo is pretty much on target right now.  That's pretty much what I look like at this exact moment.  

Ramble Chat:  So I see that an awful lot of dead people voted for Biden.  (We expected that... a lot of dead people voted for Barack as well in the last election.)   And that a bunch of ballots for Biden were not received in time but the employees at USPS were told to back date them so they would count.  Ahhh... all the lies, cheating and coverups.  Nope, no one saw this coming at all... not a bit.  This election is saturated with democratic fraud... you only need to actually look.  But, it's easier to shift your eyes away, plug your ears and repeat "Nope, not listening... not listening!"  Because seriously, it's so blatant it's disgusting.  

I spend about 15 seconds a day thinking about politics, but this blog is probably the only place I spend my 15 seconds getting it out of my system.  Ha.

My mind is actually not on politics at all.  LOL.

It's on about 50 other important things rushing through my brain right now as I try to mentally prioritize them.   AND how I need to go get dressed, do hair and makeup and get ready to leave in a little bit.  And that I really didn't have much to chat about over coffee this morning as my mind is in 100 different places and I'm typing, drinking coffee and carrying on some random conversations by text so I have to be honest - I'm not really focused on what I'm typing on my blog!  Ha ha.

Truth.  Just kind of rambling.

I will try to find time later this morning when I'm home again to type a blog post that actually has thought process behind it.  But for all of those coffee friends who come here first thing in the morning for coffee and random chit chat - GOOD MORNING!!!!




One of hundreds of instances of voter fraud...thousands even.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, November 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Following reports of enormous “batches” of votes being tallied for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in Wisconsin, more are being reported in Pennsylvania. 

FiveThirtyEight, which identifies itself as providing “Data-driven news and analysis,” has reported on its Twitter feed a statistically problematic 23,277 votes from Philadelphia being tallied in a “batch” “all for Biden.” 

The same tweet reports “about 5,300 votes” coming in from Luzerne County,” with nearly 4,000” of them going “for Biden.” 

With 83% of the expected vote in, Trump’s lead in PA is now just below 6 points,” the post concludes. 

A LifeSiteNews screenshot of the tweet can be accessed here.

Election authorities have yet to provide a transparent explanation as to the origin of at least the first “batch” and how it is that apparently a local population of 23,000 voters could be statistically expected to cast each of their votes for just one candidate.  

The arrival of these “batches” for Biden follows claims of voter fraud in Wisconsin, Michigan, and elsewhere, favoring Biden over President Donald Trump. It also comes as Americans and conservatives in particular lose confidence in the fairness of the election process.