Friday!  Black Friday... although that doesn't have the same activity as it has the last 15-20 years.  I've never been interested in dealing with Black Friday crowds, shopping at 3:30 am or trying to fight people for a sale item... no matter the price.  I'd rather pay full price if it meant I could stay away from people, crowds, stupidity and chaos.   But this year I suppose there isn't a whole lot of that going on anyway.  Instead... fighting to hit your 'BUY IT' button online before the next person does.

I read yesterday that many of the 'hot' ticket items are followed and bought by bots anyway so humans have a little chance of scoring.  They said this is why you find a huge amount of say, Playstation 5's for sale on ebay when everyone is 'out' of them.  A 'bot' followed to find the exact split second they went on sale somewhere, and then either alerted the person who coded the bot or was coded to immediately purchase them. Kind of out of my interest level so I didn't read it too closely (or care... at all) so a quick skim and tucked the fact away somewhere deep in my brain.  


I've started about 4 different paragraphs but meh... I am not as chatty as usual this morning  so I ended up just deleting them all.

I've got to finish my coffee and get dressed soon as it's a 'regular' day for me and I've got to head out the door in about 30 minutes.  This year is much different than normal Thanksgiving weekends for us!   One of the things I'll need to do this weekend even though I'm not really in the mood, is put up the Christmas tree.  It's always been our tradition to put it up Thanksgiving weekend.  Even though I do not feel like digging through the storage room to drag the Christmas boxes out, I know I'll be happy once the tree is up.  This year we have a little one in the house again but he's only mobile in his walker and the tree is in a room with rugs that he can't get his walker over so this year at least, the tree is 'safe' from little hands!  Ha ha.


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