Friday coffee! Rambling over Christmas thoughts.


I wrote "Friday Coffee"  above in the title and then stopped and second guessed myself.  Is it Friday?  It is Friday, isn't it?

I had to check the date on my laptop!  Ha ha.  Oh, that's what kind of a week it is around these parts I guess.


Seriously, that seems to be a huge thing this year (add it to the other weird things about 2020) but many have had their Christmas decor and trees up since the first of October.  That's pushing it a bit for me personally but we typically have always put ours up the weekend of Thanksgiving.  As soon as Thanksgiving is over, we dive into Christmas.  This year I'm not looking forward to decorating for Christmas - pulling all the boxes out of storage and digging through everything, putting up the darn trees...  but I am kind of getting antsy about cookies.  Maybe I just want to eat cookies, not bake them... ha ha.  Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm just craving Christmas goodies.  *wink*  But if someone else was to put up our huge tree and our second tree and decorate the house for me, I wouldn't stop them.  Ha ha.  I just don't want to be the one to do it.  Just no time...and the time I have, is better spent doing other things.  

I need to get started on some of the Christmas shopping for the adults in the family.  I have 6 adults that I've not really even thought about ideas for much less actively started to look for anything.  Two of them will be flying this holiday season so I need to be aware of flight requirements for weight and bulk.  Unfortunately one of those people also has a Christmas Birthday (double gifts) so I'm thinking maybe gift cards.  Weightless and not bulky and easy to travel with.  Ha ha.

I did some shopping already for some Littles and got them 'done' before we all decided they would fly here instead of driving.  So now I'm looking at a couple of the things I had bought and rethinking.  LOL.  I'm wondering if giving them an extra suitcase for the kids gifts and their gifts would be smart...or if a suitcase full of new 'gifts' would be pilfered and gone through and either go missing all together or missing some of the items upon their arrival home.  Hmmm.  I also considered boxing up some of the toys and gifts for the littles and mailing them to them when they leave for home.  A bit heavy... 

I don't know.

LOTS of random Christmas thoughts!

And... my alarm is going off letting me know I need to rush to get dressed, do hair and makeup now in 6 minutes and be out of the house and into the car and on my way.  I overstayed my 'time limit' rambling about nothing at all over coffee.....

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