Good Morning!

I've been out and about, home again, productive, baby is now down for a nap - but not actually into a decently 'deep' enough sleep yet for me to start a project or task so I decided to pop in to Coffee Talking for a few minutes to give him time to settle into a deeper sleep so I can rattle some dishes and make some noise knowing he'll sleep through it.

I've been doing quite well at not responding to idiot social media posts from liberals.  There is one woman's blog that I stumbled upon about a week or two ago and she and her liberal Democrat ilk were so incredibly ugly it was stomach turning.  But what was interesting is she was all up in arms about what would happen if Trump lost the election;  there would be riots in the streets, horrible violence, looting and burning and chaos!!!  

I read that and did one of those "wtf"? faces.

Because seriously?

Republicans don't riot.  Don't protest with riots and looting and burning. All that drama and violence is what Democrats do.

We've lived with nothing but violence, drama, riots, protesting, attacks, burning and stealing for the past 3 1/2 years... by Democrats.  By liberals.  By Socialists.  By ANTIFA.  By Black Life Matters.

Not by Republicans.

Did you see the huge protests and burning and rioting and looting when Clinton won?  When Obama won?  Nope.

Did Republicans despise Obama?


Believe it or not, Obama was hated MORE than most Democrats hate Trump.

No, really.

Like, seeing or hearing Obama would cause a physical reaction of your stomach lurching wanting to throw up.  HATE THAT LYING SNEAKY USELESS PIECE OF CRAP.

But you didn't see Republicans screaming, crying, protesting in the streets, starting stores on fire and stealing, attacking the police or attacking innocent Democrats sitting in restaurants trying to eat dinner.

So this bat-shit crazy woman and her ilk were up in arms talking about the violence that would overcome the country if Trump lost.

I didn't say a word.

I just silently judged her and her Democrat idiot friends.  Wondering how in the hell they have been so blind to the violence and hatred spread by her political party for the past 3 1/2 years. 


I saw these photos in my blogger files and I smiled.

I posted them before, a few years ago.

I love photos like this.

THEN AND NOW type pictures.

These were from London I believe (if I recall correctly).  I don't remember details, it was years ago that found them.

The photographer had found the original people in the photos and got them to recreate the pictures.

I would love to recreate some old photos from my childhood.  But, with thousands of miles between me and my extended family along with COVID, etc. it's not likely to happen.

I'm honestly not even sure the last time we 'all' were together.  Meaning;  all my siblings... hmmm. 

Still, enjoy these pictures - then and now.  SO FUN!!!!