I just paid bills, did a couple other things but the baby is still sleeping (although due to wake literally any minute now) so I don't want to get immersed in anything or any project and then have to stop when Boss Baby wakes.  


I thought I'd pop online to look for a couple items I need that I can't buy anywhere but online, but my heart (and my attention span) just isn't into it.  So... here I am.

It seems a good portion of the country is already knee-deep in Christmas.  I can't believe the number of people that already put their Christmas trees up BEFORE HALLOWEEN.  Seriously.  And once Halloween was over, all the Christmas ads started.  Social networking is filled with "did you start your Christmas shopping yet?" blurbs.

I did think perhaps I would start looking online at a few things but my attention span wasn't up to that either.  I think having the baby ready to wake at any second doesn't allow me to relax or concentrate on anything at all; that's just how I'm made.   

So if YOU are perhaps in the Christmas frame of mind and want to check out Amazon for ideas, here is a link for you...

 ⟶⟶ Gifts for Everyone at Amazon   ⟵⟵

.... and as I typed this my Mother is calling.