I see dead people... and they voted.  This is happening in MANY states.  Not just one.  We need a huge overhaul and we need some checks and balances in place.  We do not have enough.



And because I used to live in California; I got out, but a tiny little piece of my heart still lives there, so I keep an eye on their news.  Thank God we left that state... but we had to leave some beautiful country behind because of the people and the leadership.

"Do you know you can register to vote and vote in California with never having shown a picture ID?" EIPCa chief analyst Ellen Swensen told Lahren in the latest episode of Fox Nation's "No Interruption."

"The [voter] registration form says, 'Give us your driver's license number or your Social Security, if you have one.' And if you don't, you can still register," said Swensen.

According to Paine, they have recorded around 100,000 reports and the state has responded to none of them.

"California has managed to create a firewall by passing certain laws so that the secretary of state cannot access the list of noncitizens and illegal people from the DMV, which has a very complete list," said EIPCa's vice president, Ruth Weiss.

"They're not allowed to access that list from the Department of Homeland Security," said Weiss. "And yet they're the ones responsible to make sure that only legitimate citizens get on the voter rolls."