I was so excited I was going to have time to have  coffee with everyone this morning... and I was mistaken.  My "get your butt out the door on time" alarm is going to go off in about 1 minute and 30 seconds!  Ha.

Yesterday was one of those crazy days where it just doesn't stop... nothing bad, just crazy, busy and I even found myself trying desperately to make time to go to the bathroom.  Today shouldn't be quite as bad (?) but then again, Mr. Murphy probably just laughed at me.

I've got some bigger-ish tasks I'd love to do today if I can get enough time in one span without being interrupted.  One of which is some long term storage packing of wheat berries in mylar with oxygen absorbers but I also have a teething 6 month old that might not agree with that plan.  I can usually do about a 5 minute project before he insists I've had enough time and need to stop.  That won't work with tasks like that! 

The alarm is going off...  time to rush to start the day.

Hugs to each of you - and a big smile and a huge cup of hot, black, strong coffee!!!