It started out so simple.

Put the baby down for a nap.

Going to log in to my security camera account on the laptop to turn the video on like always - so I can work online and have the baby's security cam on my screen as well.

But their two-step verification process means they send a code to your email.  I checked the email.  Nothing.  While waiting I tried to log in again.  It kept telling me try again.

Checked email again.  Still no code.  Doesn't normally take this long.  Oh well.  I'll just grab my cellphone and log in on my app.

Won't let me in.  "Try again." "Try again." So I grabbed my second cell phone and tried that one.  Nope.

Back to my computer.  Where is that stupid code email. Checked spam folders and I finally see it pop up.

Got the code.  Went back to my log to put the code in but that page is now gone.  It won't ask me for my code.  It just tells me "oops" and an error.

So I figure I might as well click on the reset password link even though I didn't want to reset my password.

It took almost 10 minutes for them to send the link and guess what?

It goes to NO WHERE.

My reset password goes to a BLANK PAGE.

So I have to go online and dig through pages of crap to get to an online chat... and now I'm waiting for Google Chat to help... and unfortunately from what I see form the other comments and responses from their customer service, they speak and understand very little English outside of cutting and pasting from their script.  :(

I'm dreading this conversation... but I have no other recourse.  Completely and utterly locked out of my own (paid for) account and 4 cameras with ZERO easy help access.

I may have to ditch Nest/Google and invest in a new, different set of security cameras.  This is not worth it.



I finally got through and although I could tell they didn't speak English and some of their responses were not really correct for the conversation (oddly random, polite but weird sentences that didn't fit the situation) in the end, what she gave me was a link to their 'outage' page and told me they had an outage on their end.  So I've bookmarked the link and will keep checking.

She seemed shocked and surprised at how nice I was (?).  She thanked me for being understanding and told me she wished all customers were like me.  LOL.  Yes... I'm very polite and nice and patient... even when inside I'm not.  (And even when I'm using my blog to vent...LOL. I vent here over coffee because I'm quite patient and try to have poise and grace in real life!!!)

But I still have zero access to our security cameras for the foreseeable future.