It's just the coffee talking again.... the #StopTheSteal Rally in DC yesterday, Pacific Bold Coffee

Coffee in hand... good morning Coffee Friends!

So the huge rally yesterday proved AGAIN that the right have poise and grace and the left use violence.  Thousands upon thousands of Republicans gather and the only violence and hatred and crime came from Democrats and BLM that attacked, stole and tried to start ugliness.  A young family surrounded, attacked, a woman sucker punched in the back of the head by a low life scum BLM.  A man knocked out from behind and another BLM swoops in to steal his cell phone... (she was caught and arrested from the update I read).  The ELDERLY were literally punched in the back of the head and knocked off their scooters and from their walkers and their necks stomped on.  The only violence and hatred from almost a million people... was the left that was trying to start... stuff.

I did order 3 boxes of coffee pods yesterday.  

Member Alert:  Costco has their Pacific Bold on sale right now (ending soon) $5 off.  You can order it through Amazon but of course you don't get Costco's $5 off current member sale.  But for the record it's still not a bad price.  Under $40 for 120 coffee pods.  It's become my current 'go to' coffee blend for now.  

I still love the Sumatra blend I've been kind of stuck on for the past 1 1/2 years but it's pricey ($41 average for 72 pods)  and I have been looking for a daily coffee update but hadn't found one I wanted 5 cups a day of until I went back to Pacific Bold. I drink a bunch of different kinds/brands/flavors but you know, we all have one we just kind of 'like' at the moment and want more than others.

So that is my long, rambling way of saying I've been doing Pacific Bold by Costco (or Amazon)  and that currently have their 120 count k-cup box $5 off with a limit of 5 per purchase.


.... it's just the coffee talking again.