It's Just the Coffee Talking.... rambling over morning coffee this time about checking up on elderly parents to make sure they have toilet paper, etc. in supply


It's Friday!

I was up at 4:45 while Mr. Coffee got ready to leave for work and sadly, (to me) I couldn't even drift back to a light sleep.  So I laid there, tossed and turned, said the rosary (twice) and finally decided to get up and have coffee.

I had mentioned how toilet paper was again really difficult to find over this past week and when people can't find it, they go into a tail-spin of sorts and it becomes a quest; but also makes people think they need to buy up other items that also might be short supply again as well.  (2020 shortages of toilet paper, Lysol, paper towels, peroxide, alcohol and cleaning supplies will probably forever be with us emotionally so for the rest of our days we'll always feel anxious if we see someone wasting it or don't have one extra in the back of the cupboard!  It's like our great grandparents living during the Depression... if a piece of string was over 6 inches long, you saved it! You saved and wasted NOTHING because scraps of anything could mean the difference between life and death - which Covid isn't.  It's not even a legit pandemic but... whatever.  A post for another day.  LOL).  

Back to my train of thought...  

Because of that, I decided to text my Dad yesterday morning and tell him it looks like it might be difficult to find toilet paper again soon, so make sure he and Mom have some on hand.  He and Mom live in a little town in the middle of nowhere and have just one small grocery store in their town.  They have to drive about 45 minutes to get to a town with multiple grocery stores or a Walmart, etc. so I knew things would run out fast in their area.

About 30 seconds later my phone rings.  I expected that.  He's not a 'texter' and all us adult siblings know if we text either of them, we'll probably get a phone call in 30 seconds even if the text doesn't warrant a phone call and even if we specifically SAY "don't call me...."   

But he did.

And he was laughing when I answered.

He said he got my text and he literally just left the grocery store.... where he had bought a few groceries and 2 small packs of toilet paper!

We had a good talk for about 25 minutes and then his hearing was 'used up' for the day.  He has cochlear implants that never worked correctly and can only hear things for about 25 minutes early in the morning and then after that, his hearing is pretty much gone for the rest of the day.  

So the point of THAT rambling over coffee was just a little reminder to everyone that if you have elderly relatives and family friends, give them a call or text and make sure they're ok... that they have some basics on hand for the numerous 'new' stay-home regulations SOME states are putting in place, and that they have basic items on hand they'll need if there is in fact a 'run' on toilet paper, milk, bread, etc. in their area.

One of my daughters with a little one, decided if toilet paper was this hard to find this week (she finally found some at a Dollar General store she stopped in on her way to work) that she had better cover her basis and get some baby diapers and wipes this week 'just in case' as she would hate to see them run out in the next few weeks and be difficult to find.   Such is 2020.  At least it's teaching people to be prepared and well stocked.


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